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From the Earth to the Bottle

To your healthy and beautiful hair!

Our Products

Our Products

Natural Shampoo

Hair Wash

Our Natural Shampoo is a fortified blend of oils and other plant-based ingredients that cleanse, restore, and help your hair retain moisture. The ingredients are carefully picked to ensure that your hair is restored while it is being cleansed - without adding any damage but instead helping to replenish.

Hair Nutrition Formula


Our Hair Nutrition Formula is a nutritional oil blend that is easily absorbed by the scalp and penetrates deep into the hair, nourishing all the hair structures and replenishing the natural hair oil. Will not weigh the hair down. Use daily to keep your hair healthy.

Scalp Treatment


Our Scalp Treatment is an ointment that is a blend of natural oils that soothes the scalp, leaving it with an invigorating tingle. Promotes hair growth, adding luster, moisture, and shine. Can be used daily or as often as needed.

Natural Conditioner

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Our Natural Conditioner is a plant-based blend of oils that penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair to restore softness, elasticity and shine without weighing the hair down. 

Hair Reconstructor

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Our Hair Reconstructor is a proprietary essential oil blend for damaged, over-processed hair. Returns elasticity and makes the hair manageable during and after blow drying, flat ironing, or curling. A leave-in product, absorbs completely without residue or buildup. Apply once or twice per week or as needed as an intense conditioner.


The journey of Mizizi Hair Products began in the early 2000’s when as a licensed cosmetologist, I could not find safe and effective hair care products for myself or my clients. Like myself, many of my clients had sensitive, afflicted or damaged scalps, which made it next to impossible to use any chemical treatments without breaking out, the scalp becoming irritated and even losing hair. Out of frustration I decided to make my own 100% natural hair care concoction. It contained only plant-based products and I could use it every day. Pretty soon, everyone wanted my formula and I began to use it with my clients and to sell to several local stores. Fast-forward to today; Mizizi products are still 100% natural. I’ve added a few more products to the line and we are changing the face of the hair care industry one customer at a time. 

Our motto is: “From the Earth to the bottle!”

And our philosophy is simple and has not changed in years:

  • Only the best plant-based ingredients must touch your hair and scalp.

  • When you pick up a hair care product, you should be able to read and identify every ingredient in it.

  • We believe in restoration, nourishment, and recovery - by using the power of nature.

  • You don’t have to sacrifice your desired look for your hair to stay healthy and youthful.

  • This is a passion. We find deep fulfillment in bringing the absolute best products to the people.

To your healthy and beautiful hair!

- Robin Willoughby-Gales (Founder)


our philosophy
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We live in an environment in which we must take extra care to protect, renew and nourish our hair and scalp. When chemicals and pollutants touch your hair, they damage and take the vitality out of it. As a result your hair becomes dull and lifeless, either from being over-processed or due to the elements, chemical treatments, or daily hair care products that contain sulfates, parabens, GMO’s and synthetic fragrances and colors.

At Mizizi we believe that only natural ingredients have the power to restore your hair’s natural volume, luster, shine and elasticity and make your hair more manageable and easy to comb, style and sculpt. This is why each of our products contains a small number of natural ingredients that are easy to understand and pronounce.

Let your hair be restored from within by the power of mother nature.


Our Story

What our products can do
for your hair type


Shampoo cleanses hair with natural oils that strengthen hair that doesn't lay on the shaft of your hair. Leaving the hair with luster and shine. May also be followed with conditioner and hair nutrition formula that nourishes and replenishes healthy hair.


Our shampoo is made with fortified blends of oils with a definition of nourishments to curly hair. Leaving moisture for healthy hair that does not weigh the hair down. Follow with Mizizi conditioner with natural blends of oils blended together to deposit into the cortex of the hair to restore softness, shine, and elasticity to your hair. Hair nutrition may also be used to keep the scalp and hair healthy.  

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Afro Curly Kink 

Shampoo with natural oil that replaces dryness and deposits the oils into the natural hair coil to restore shine, luster, and manageability. Also can be followed with Mizizi natural conditioner and leave-in hair reconstructor to retain moisture. Scalp treatment can be followed with Mizizi natural conditioner and leave-in hair reconstructor to retain moisture. Scalp treatment can also be used for dry scalp.  


Hair nutrition formula & scalp treatment are great products to use on braids and the scalp. It treats the scalp, without leaving buildup and it leaves braids with a finishing shine.


 All of Mizizi products can be used on dyed hair to enhance colors with moisture and shine with natural oils, which are sulfate free.

Mizizi cares for your beard, improving texture, softness and growth.

Living Room


The slip from the conditioner is perfect for my wash and go!

I love these products.


I love the product for my wigs too I use a little oil for the shine...Let God keep moving you forward...Proud of you my sister! so Proud



Love your product my hair has never felt so soft 


The shampoo lather nicely with small amount of product and My scalp felt clean refreshed


Scalp treatment has to be my favorite product my scalp

has never felt  better 


The product Absorbed well without leaving my hair feeling greasy

An Amazing Journey

"...I wanted to let you know how much I love the shampoo and conditioner. My hair has grown quite a bit since I received your products. Thanks for helping me on this Alopecia journey." - Theresa

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